Seal of Approval

Reclaim Your Right to Practice Medicine.

Whether you’re part of a medical system or a private-practice physician, you’re committed to your patients. By displaying the PPA seal of approval, you affirm that the patient-physician relationship is sacred.


Join Physicians Across the Nation

Represent your commitment to responsible medicine.

The PPA Seal of Approval is an affirmation of your commitment to physician autonomy and patient safety. You will receive a digital download package with materials that you can print, display on your website, and share with patients and peers.


We’re Bringing Physicians Together

PPA is led exclusively by physicians. We are not legislators. We are not lobbyists. Each of our board members actively practices medicine and advocates for change that will benefit American physicians.


Our board members are nationally published and have been read by millions. From Dr. Westby Fisher’s fight against MOC with his Dr. Wes blog to our publications in the Wall Street Journal and The Washington Times, we are committed to raising our voices for physicians.


We regularly represent PPA in state and national legislatures. Our board has brought dozens of physicians to Washington DC to participate in meetings with lawmakers regarding healthcare reform, and we educate and encourage our subscribers to influence state legislation.


PPA began with a movement to expose undisclosed lobbying practices of the ABIM. Our board has dedicated tremendous resources to researching and exposing the tactics used to intimidate physicians.


We’re connected and accessible. Through social media, email, and partnerships with doctor-friendly organizations, we’ve connected with tens of thousands of physicians and helped them engage in the health care debate.

Display Your PPA Seal of Approval

By choosing to display your PPA Seal of Approval on your website, in your office, on your letterhead, or anywhere publically visible, you affirm your commitment to Physician Autonomy and Patient Safety. You join physicians around the country in a movement to re-claim medicine.

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How do I Display my Seal of Approval?

The PPA Seal of Approval is a digital download package. You’ll receive unlimited access to our 2018 logo, a badge for your website, an email signature, a printable sign for your office, and additional assets like letterhead and business card templates.

Official Seal of Approval

After downloading and printing, prominently display your Seal of Approval and Affirmations because you believe in the power of patient safety and physician autonomy.

Website Badge

Alongside placement in your office, please add the PPA Seal of Approval to your website, social media, and more. The Seal informs visitors that you are committed to their care.

Print Materials

Both your colleagues and your patients recognize the time you have invested in becoming a physician. Display your professional commitment with print materials that show where you stand.

We’re transparent with our funds.

It’s important to us that you know how we use your money. Choosing to become a part of PPA does more than aligning you with physicians across the nation. It allows us to advocate for your rights.


Information Technology

As an online business, our significant expenses include web development, hosting, and marketing consulting. We use our funds to share the message that brought you here – to unify physicians across the nation.


Accounting & Legal Fees

As representatives of the medical community, we are careful to demonstrate fiscal responsibility. Part of our budget goes toward accounting and legal fees. We regularly consult with financial and legal professionals to maintain the integrity and viability of PPA.


Operational Fees, Utilities, Postage

As any business professional knows, there are hidden fees around every corner. Compliance, accountability to our partners, and communication require necessary operational expenses. PPA has no employees but requires a modest budget for operational needs.