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Stand for Healthcare Heroes

The Surprise Medical Bills (SMB) “fix” language rumored to be slipped into the year end spending bill, remains behind closed doors, as of this publication. If any form of benchmarking is passed, Americans will suffer unintended consequences including loss of access to medical care in the middle of a pandemic.  Either benchmarking or compromises relying on…
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Repairing a Broken Supply Chain: Scrubs vs. Suits – the Battle Inside the Nation’s Hospitals – Part 3 of 3

subtitle: Bomb the Safe Harbor for Legalized Kickbacks Marion Mass, M.D., PPA co-founder In our first instalment of “Scrubs vs. Suits – the Battle Inside the Nation’s Hospitals,” we placed before the reader the existence of two classes in American medicine: on one hand, the scrubs, the physicians and bedside nurses trained to take care of patients; and on the other,…
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Meet the GPOs: Scrubs vs. Suits – the Battle Inside the Nations’ Hospitals – Part 2

by Marion Mass, M.D., PPA co-founder In Part 2 of this three-part blog entry, I continue putting a spotlight on some “suits” (executives) in America’s corporate healthcare complex.   [A DISCLAIMER: Not every “suit” is a villain. Without question, there are gems among them. Curing what ails the American system of healthcare will be impossible without…
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Champions of Excellent Medical Care

Marion Mass, M.D., Practicing Physicians of America, co-founder Over twenty years ago, I was a fresh new attending, barely out of residency when called to the ER at three am to admit a patient with gastro and dehydration. I found a two -year old little girl, whose family spoke almost no English. She looked uncomfortable,…
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Scrubs vs. Suits — the Battle Inside the Nations’ Hospitals (Part 1)

Marion Mass, M.D.,  PPA co-founder The headline to a news article dated March 25 on a recent Gallup poll was “Coronavirus Response: Hospitals Rated Best,  News Media Worst.”   The public’s low opinion of much of the news media is no surprise.  In polls, journalists have managed to work their way into a special zone…
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