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We honor your time, commitment, and your right to practice medicine by stewarding interactive, effective membership with physicians across the nation.

What is PPA Membership?

We magnify the voice of the practicing physician. Through PPA membership, you affirm our mission, join our community, and become a part of our initiatives.

Membership is always available for free, though we kindly request a donation of $250. 

Physician Focused

We strive to an interactive, effective membership community for physicians across the nation.


Join our PPA Facebook community group and network with like-minded physicians across the nation.

Direct Access

Our membership includes monthly “Town-Hall” Zoom meetings hosted by the PPA board, as well as a monthly column published by the board.

Invitations, Initiavies, and More

Members receive first right of refusal to PPA events, initiatives, and collaborations with our communities.

Staying Connected

Every facet of PPA membership is designed to create connection, build community, and facilitate unified action amongst physicians. Through our monthly Town-Hall meetings, a column published by the PPA board in response to your questions, comments, and concerns, and our community groups, we invite you to join our cause.

Join PPA Today

Because we recognize the pressure on physicians in all walks of life, PPA Mebership is always available for free. Here’s what to expect.


After joining, you will be redirected to our donation portal. We kindly request a donation of $250, though you may adjust to a smaller or greater amount, based on your financial abilities.


In your welcome email, you’ll find a link to our Facebook community group. Cick “request to join” on Facebook and we’ll do the rest!


Within a few minutes, you’ll receive an email introduction to your PPA membership. Be sure to read through our note to you and save our email.


Most importantly, stay tuned and stay connected! We’ll use email to reach out for your input on our monthly column, to invite you to Town-Halls, and more.