PPA Seal of Approval

PPA Seal of Approval




Re-Claim Your Right to Practice Medicine.

Whether you’re part of a medical system or a private-practice physician, you’re committed to your patients. By displaying the PPA seal of approval, you affirm that the patient-physician relationship is sacred.

Your PPA Seal of Approval, whether it is posted on your website, in your office, on your letterhead, or anywhere publically visible, affirms your commitment to Physician Autonomy and Patient Safety. You are joining physicians around the country in a movement to re-claim medicine.

Free yourself for your patients.

By displaying the 2018 Practicing Physicians of America Seal of Approval, you affirm PPA’s core tenets of Physician Autonomy & Patient Safety.

I commit to caring for myself and my practice; affirming my commitment to the Physician’s Oath and the ethical practice of medicine.


I commit to patient safety as my utmost priority. Through the practice of medicine, I will protect patients, provide attentive care, and responsibly utilize medical and financial resources.


I commit to active participation in my community and my nation. Through voting, engaging peers, and supporting doctor-friendly organizations, I will join the voices of practicing physicians throughout the country.

What’s Included

  • Editable PPA Seal of Approval (Print File)
  • PPA Seal of Approval Website Badge
  • Editable PPA Seal of Approval Business Card Template (Print File)
  • Editable PPA Seal of Approval Letter Head  (Print File)
  • PPA Seal of Approval Logo Package
  • Instructions and Recommendations for Printing Your Seal of Approval Files


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