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Call to Action for Docs

Don’t Surrender

Who Stands for Patients?

Patients at Risk

Medical Breakdowns

Laying off Pediatricians

Insurance Company Overreach

Coverage Does Not Equal Care

Insurance Companies are Scamming America

Government Overreach – MACRA

The Mess That is MACRA

The Final Rule

Is Drexit Next?

MACRA is Broken

Yellow Brick Fantasy Road

Bureaucrats are Making Healthcare Expensive

The Bureaucratic Myth Wrecking Healthcare

Value-Based Pay is Killing Patients

Hospital Influence

Why Should Hospitals Get a Tax Break?

Member Organizations

Non-Profit Hospitals and Their Employees

5 Things Hospitals Don’t Want You to Know About Obamacare

Very Profitable Non-Profit Hospitals

The American Non-Profit Hospital

Big Fixes for Healthcare

The Four Horsemen of Healthcare

White Paper on Repeal/Replace of the ACA

Health Rosetta

Physicians Prescription for Healthcare Reform

Benjamin Rush Institute

Healthcare Cost Drivers

Change Healthcare Today

Hospital Bureaucracy

Focusing on Coverage Misses the Point

Bureaucrats are Making Healthcare Expensive

Why Your Doctor’s Computer is so Clunky

Shouldn’t Doctors Control Hospital Care?

Direct Primary Care

Opting Out of Medicare

Concierge Medicine vs. Direct Primary Care

Practice Distribution and Cost

Video: How Healthcare Stole the American Dream

Pharma and Drug Shortages

Repeal Safe Harbor

No Middlemen

Do Kickbacks Apply to Your Hospital?

The Middleman Medical Supply

When Shortages Strike

Emergency Department Drug Shortages

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Physician Business Coaching

Impact Physician Blog

Combining business ownership with the art of medicine to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

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The Dr. Wes Blog

Standing up for the practicing physician

Physicians Against Drug Shortages

Physicians Against Drug Shortages

A grassroots patient advocacy group whose goal is to end the chronic, unprecedented generic drug shortages in the medical industry.


Physician Business Coaching

Business Coaching & Development

Helping Physicians Navigate the Complexities of Business Ownership. Click here to download the free eBook: A Unique Way of Think: Business Ownership and the Art of Medicine

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Health Insurance, Medical Malpractice Coverage, Life Insurance, or Commercial Liability are just some of the many products offered through LEH Insurance Group. We believe that your policy should fit your life, not the other way around. Contact us for a risk-free, no-obligation insurance analysis & proposal tailored just for you.

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Physician-focused digital marketing, web design, and production services by Chatham Road Studio. Become the top ranking local physician when patients search on Google.