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Free to Care Conference 2019

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Physician Led solutions to bring affordable Patient Centric Solutions to our Medical Care Landscape. We will present on: Drug Pricing, The Physician Shortage, Transparency, a Sustainable Safety Net and Innovative Models of Delivery and Financing. Keynote by Dr Ben Carson, M.D.

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Reclaim your right to practice medicine.

It’s time for physicians to reclaim responsibility for patient health — and for our own health.

Our Mission is to help you:



Our mission is to stand up for your right to care for your patients. Together, we can re-claim our noble profession and enjoy caring for others.



 We are fighting, through patient safety and physician autonomy, to develop patients’ trust. The physician’s oath serves to protect patients’ lives and livelihoods alike.



Third-party payers, government, hospitals, and non-physician staff disrupt the patient-physician relationship. We’re here to magnify your voice.

You can be part of the movement. Take the first step.

We’re standing with physicians.

The mission of PPA is to protect the ability of all practicing physicians to serve as their patients’ primary health care advocate and to confront unnecessary and overbearing regulation that limits any physicians’ ability to serve their patients. Meet our board of directors – actively practicing physicians standing in the gap with you.

Dr. Judith Thompson, M.D.

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Thompson is a solo, independent Breast and General Surgeon. She has practiced for 22 years and is recognized for outstanding philanthropic activities.

Dr. Marion Mass, M.D.

Vice Chair

Dr. Mass is a pediatrician in the Philadelphia area. She is a member of the Pennsylvania Medical Society and serves as leadership for Physicians Against Drug Shortages.

Dr. Westby G. Fisher, M.D.


Dr. Fisher is a cardiac electrophysiologist based in Chicago, IL. He authors the Dr. Wes Blog, a nationally syndicated personal blog with over 3 million page views.

Dr. Niran S. Al-Agba, M.D.


Dr. Al-Agba is a board-certified pediatrician and owner of Silverdale Pediatrics, LLP. She is published on KevinMD, RebelMD and is on the editorial staff at The Health Care Blog.

Dr. Craig M. Wax, D.O.

Board Member

Dr. Wax is a family physician who practices family medicine and health through prevention. He serves on the U. S. congressional subcommittee National Physicians Council for Health Care Policy.

Dr. Brian J. Dixon, M.D.

Board Member

Dr. Dixon has a thriving pediatric psychiatry private practice in Fort Worth, TX. He is the Founder and CEO of Together Forward, a 501(c)4 non-profit Think Tank.

We’re Committed to Two Simple Goals

1: Patient Safety 2: Physician Autonomy

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Our board is fighting for you – and we’re being heard.

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Practicing Physicians of America aligns the voices of Physicians and Doctor-Friendly organizations. By affirming your core beliefs in Patient Safety and Physician Autonomy, you choose to take stand for medicine.


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