Year in Review: 2018

Year in Review: 2018

Practicing Physicians of America represented, presented, investigated, collaborated, and published in the continued fight to for patient safety, physician autonomy, and your right to be heard in 2018. 

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The Practicing Physicians of America continue to work pro-bono on behalf of the autonomy of American physicians to ensure patient safety.

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National Representation

PPA board members contributed to and participated in efforts to speak for and represent our profession including meeting with White House policy team and meeting with multiple senators and congressmen at the state and national level regarding health care costs, MOC, scope of practice, physician autonomy, and other topics.

National Publications

PPA board members articles were published in the mainstream media, to include; The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, The Hill, and Medical Economics, regarding topics including EHR, hospital consolidation, and other topics that affect how your practice medicine today. 

The fight for Physician Autonomy

Between a $35 million dollar settlement for D.O.s and new litigation against the ABIM to end Maintenance of Certification, we’ve fought for a better future for physicians.

Focusing On You

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From the Chairman of the Board:

Strategic Plan


“The history of the social transformation of medicine in America is intellectually fascinating, politically polarizing and emotionally exhilarating or exhausting depending on the observer’s perspective…”

“…In response to that call for a unified voice, Practicing Physicians of America has been created; an organization created by physicians, for physicians to empower them to practice medicine according to their higher calling.”

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We’re fighting to end Maintenance of Certification

PPA funded the preliminary investigation that led to the filing of a class-action lawsuit against The American Board of Internal Medicine on behalf of over 100,000 internal medicine physicians.

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PPA board members articles were published in the mainstream media, including: The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, The Hill, and Medical Economics, regarding topics including EHR, hospital consolidation, and more. 

Why Your Doctor’s Computer is So Clunky

“Washington mandates Electronic Health Records but stands in the way of innovation.”

Useless Exams are Raising the Cost of Healthcare


Maintenance of Certification (MOC) tests for doctors like us might sound like a good idea at first glance. 

When Shortages Strike Medical Supplies


As national health care costs skyrocket, the shortage of some basic medical supplies and drugs is limiting patients’ access to care and threatening lives.

Brakes on CVS and Aetna Merger

“One person stands between the American public and further increases in health-care costs and further decline of care:”

We’re Laying off Pediatricians

This will put kids at risk. In the fight over health-care costs, pediatricians are on the chopping block.

Medicare for All Synopsis


Americans are fed up with skyrocketing health-care costs and it’s still one the most important issue among voters.

The American Hospital


From volunteer charity to tax-exempt patronage pit. This tax-favored status has been compounded with a nexus of government subsidies and privilege.

To Solve U.S. Healthcare Crisis


Think small, not big. American healthcare, with all its included industries and administrative bloat, is more expensive than ever.

Physicians Must Care for Themselves


Physicians—MDs and DOs—are struggling to survive, both professionally and personally. We are at high risk for personal, professional, and financial loss.

Physicians Must Advocate for Themselves


In the last 20 years, private practice and physicians in general have been targeted for extinction.

Middlemen Made the Winter Flu Crisis Worse


A bad winter flu season, the worst of which is finally over, was made worse by a nationwide shortage of saline and other basic medical supplies.

Bureaucrats are Making Healthcare so Expensive


Republican leadership emerged from their Camp David policy retreat earlier this month announcing that significant healthcare reform is not on their 2018 agenda.

We Must Save Medicaid

“There is agreement that with huge increases in cost, it cannot survive in its present form.”

Where Will the Healthcare Debate Lead Us?

“There has been much discord as to the proper role of government in healthcare.”

Is the EHR an Ill-Conceived Obsession?

“For drugs or medical devices to be approved, there must be evidence that benefit outweighs risk.”


PPA’s Dr Westby Fisher, Dr Craig Wax, and Niran Al Agba continued their prolific blogging work at:

Dr. Westby G. Fisher

Standing Up for the Practicing Physician

Dr. Craig M. Wax

Independent physicians for patient independence deny insurance and government limitations on patient care.

Dr. Niran Al Agba

A Pediatricians’ Raw Experience in Private Independent Medical Practice on the front lines.

PPA Accomplishments

Below is a list of PPA’s 2018 accomplishments on behalf of practicing physicians in America.

Physician Survey

PPA collected results of a voluntary survey on ABMS physician and surgeon board certification. Seven thousand and seven (7007) US physicians representing 47 subspecialties, every state and nearly every US territory were received.

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Bloomberg Interview

PPA board member Dr. Westby Fisher was interviewed by and published in Bloomberg Law and Business News regarding a legal challenge to the Maintenance of Certification process and its monopolistic and anti-trust behaviors.

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$35 Million Settlement for D.O.s

We’re excited to announce that PPA Board Member, Dr. Craig M. Wax, D.O., was one of four lead plaintiffs in a group of osteopathic physicians in a successful class-action lawsuit against the American Osteopathic Association. 

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Continuing Education

PPA Chair Dr. Judith Thompson completed The Physician CEO program at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management Executive Education Program, a course created by a physician for physicians with a focus on leadership and essential business skills.

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Healthcare Town Halls

PPA board members and supporters led Healthcare town halls across the country, speaking alongside congressional and senatorial candidates about the need to repeal the safe harbor for legalized kickbacks enjoyed by pharma middlemen PBMs and GPOs.

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AMA House of Delegates Presentation

We surveyed over 7,000 physicians regarding MOC. Here are out findings outlines in a presentation at the AMA House of Delegates By board Member Dr. Westby G. Fisher:

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Testifying Against MOC

We testified on behalf of the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons in Maryland, leading to an opinion from the justice department re the anticompetitive nature of MOC:

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Front Lines of Medicine

Board member Niran Al Agba is working with the Deductible Media Group to launch a site showcasing medicine on the “front lines” through the eyes of physicians, patients, and other healthcare experts.

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White Paper

PPA collaborated with other healthcare reformers to write a white paper on the cost drivers of Healthcare. The paper was widely distributed and well received among policy makers and physicians from both sides of the political aisle:

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We collaborated with multiple physician groups, inviting them to join our efforts, and amplifying their work

Healthcare Reform

Board Members Marion Mass and Niran Al Agba teamed with Congressman Dr. Roger Marshall to cohost a breakfast to discuss healthcare reform inviting Grassroots Physician leaders from AID, AAPS, PWT and other groups.

Physicians Rise

Partnered with Association of Independent Doctors and Physicians for Patients to launch Physicians Rise to galvanize physicians behind two foundational ideals: patient safety and physician autonomy.

Physicians Rise

Advocating in D.C.

Worked with Physicians for Reform, Physicians Against Drug Shortages, and AMAC to advocate for repeal of the safe harbor in Washington D.C.

Physicians For ReformAMACPhysicians Against Drug Shortages

National Physicians Council

Practicing Physicians of America spoke at The National Physicians Council for Healthcare Policy alongside lawmakers

National Physicians Week

Presented and participated in the forum at Physicians Working Together’s National Physicians Week.

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