PPA and Emedicine have come together for a special partnership

We are equipped to help physicians everywhere.

What does this mean for you?

-On-Call after hours support

– Relief from physician burnout

– Increased practice revenue – without increased overhead

– 24/7 On-Demand physician appointments – build your practice while you sleep


A Convergence of Opportunity.

EMedicine is committed to supporting the PPA in it’s efforts to combat physician burnout and reduce physician suicide through EMedicine’s existing operating model as a practice support mechanism for physicians. EMedicine provides after-hours and on-call practice support services for physician practices via telemedicine, enabling physicians to regain hours lost.

An Alignment of Vision.

PPA operates as a non-profit physician advocacy group made up of physicians advocating for increased quality of life and freedom of practice for physicians. Reducing physician burnout and eliminating practice related physician suicide are two initiatives primary to the existence of the PPA and of equal importance to EMedicine.

Dr. Judith L. Thompson, M.D.

Chairman of the Board, Practicing Physicians of America

The need to effectively combat physician burnout is increasing. EMedicine has created an effective solution requiring few adjustments in practice without major integrations. A few small changes can work wonders. I am a happy customer.

Cecil Anthony Boyce

CEO, EMedicine Healthcare

By joining Practicing Physicians of America, you become part of a leading movement that is changing medicine in America. We are excited to partner with this physician advocacy group determined to revolutionize individual practices.

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