PPA In Your Corner: $35 Million Settlement For D.O.s

We’re excited to announce that PPA Board Member, Dr. Craig M. Wax, D.O., was one of four lead plaintiffs in a group of osteopathic physicians in a successful class-action lawsuit against the American Osteopathic Association. The settlement provides more than $35 Million in benefits to tens of thousands of physicians across the nation.


In 2016, PPA’s Dr. Wax and 3 other osteopathic physicians sued the American Osteopathic Association. The class-action suit sought to recover millions of dollars in membership fees that physicians have been forced to pay as a condition of obtaining and maintaining maintenance of certification.


The AOA will reduce its annual fees and waive board certifications for three years, provide CME benefits, and invest $2 Million into an ongoing osteopathic awareness campaign.


Though this win represents a huge success for American Physicians, PPA will not stop here. We’re committed to fighting against illegal burdensome requirements for physicians, and we’re raising funds to bring a suit against the American Board of Internal Medicine to end Maintenance of Certification.


If you’re ready to be free from MOC, learn more about the fight and donate here.


Free yourself for your patients.


-Practicing Physicians of America Board


Join us today to end MOC

It’s time to end maintenance of certification. Unnecessary time requirements and financial burdens are robbing patients of their time with physicians. PPA has set up a campaign through GoFundMe to raise the necessary funds to complete our pre-litigation factual and legal investigation. We will draft a proposed Complaint against ABIM, the ABIM Foundation, their directors, executives to bring an end to MOC™.


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